Improve the quality yields of crops both in the form of seeds, fruits, bulbs leaves and stems. The process of photosyntesis takes place effectivelly so that yields are more weighted, more production volume and nutrient rich.


Accelerate the growth of roots, branch of stems and leaves in a balanced way so as to appear to be more fertile, healty and sturdy.


Increase plant endurance against attack by pests and diseases as well as environmental stress (drought).


Restoring soil fertility which has been damaged as a densely populated farmland and too acid due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides overload. This fertilizerd is also able to neutralize acidic soil.


Increase and multiply micro biota of soil fertilizing which capable to produce organic material and soil nutrient naturally.







Maximize the absorption of fertilizer given to plants so that fertizer consumption to be efficient. Ferre soil has slow release charahteritic, therfore using this fertilizer could be safer than other fertilizer application.


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